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Totalitarian Realism

Digital prints, 2008

“The resemblance of the visual propaganda of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao in Santa Claus campaigns is too strong to miss. The values behind also reveal strong similarity. In neo-liberalistic society we are supposed to have freedom to earn money and spend it the way we want. Consuming seems to be the only way for us to exist. The freedom is a given list of things to choose from, which is far from the real freedom (no matter how idealistic the concept of real freedom may be). We all want to exist, and understanding these totalitarian similarities in contemporary society is the only way out”.

Santa Jugend Santa Jugend
Life became better... Life became better...
Things are starting... Things are starting...
...forward to communism ...forward to communism
Tromsø Tromsø
Murmansk Murmansk
Murmansk Murmansk
Rovaniemi Rovaniemi