Visionary Arctic

Kirkenes, Feruary 5, 2010

The conference was focused on the issues of urban identity and specifics of the Arctic/ Barents/ High North identities in an interdisciplinary discourse. Contributions from a researcher, journalist, film-maker, city-planners, architects and artists. Futuristic views on the roles of the Arctic: a bank of resources or zone of innovation?

Part 1: North Norway – the High North – the Saamiland – the Barents Region – the Circumpolar Arctic.
Part 2: The Urban Arctic.
Part 3: Arctic Journeys – through time and space.
Part 4: Concluding part – “Barents at Risk – Resources at Play”.

Part 1 Part 1
Part 2 Part 2
Part 3 Part 3
Part 4 Part 4