Barents Ideal Cities

What is a Barents city? How can we improve the urban environment and the architectural scenery of everyday life in the Barents? How can people have an effect on their environments? How can we increase creation of location experiences and local-identity? Does the urban design reflect intercultural reality in Barents cities? Are the contemporary cities spiritual homes of intercultural people in the Barents area?

Without being tempted to fall into building up an ideal Barents city in the research project, we carry out community art workshops to create visions of new urban environments in Barents region. The search for the idealism is associated with the criticism of existing conditions and the search for new creative and local solutions. What are the future political thoughts, economic systems, cultural expressions and technological innovations that will shape the Barents City? The Ideal City can establish criteria and strategies for dealing with the ongoing changes in urban populations and town planning.

Tromsø Tromsø
Murmansk Murmansk
Rovaniemi Rovaniemi