The project Pan-Barentz is aimed at exploring the concept of Barents Identity.
What is Barents regional identity? Are national identities still very strong within the Barents Region? As identities are practiced in public spaces, we focus on urban space, city-planning and development trends for Barents cities in the future.
In 1993 a new Barents Region was constructed. 15 years after we invite artists, architects and researchers to interpret the process of construction of the new type(s) of identity.

All the activities take place in 12 cities in the Barents Region and beyond. The triennale will be presented in a three volume publication.

The project PAN-BARENTZ is produced by Pikene på Broen (Kirkenes) in cooperation with 0047 (Oslo), the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi) and Anadolu Kultur (Istanbul).